Why Daily Devotions are Important

COVID-19 has put many of our jobs and lives on hold. Millions of people are registering for unemployment. We may not have the pleasure of picking a job that we enjoy. Right now, many of us are grateful for any job that we can manage to get. Many of us are just focused on surviving each day. Some of us might have given up hope that this virus will end. In that case, doing daily devotions are how we can restore our hope in God and in the belief that this virus will soon be just a memory.

Daily devotions are inspirational readings that people read daily throughout the year. It is a time for religious study and reflection. In some cases, the daily devotions start with a bible verse. Daily devotions should include daily prayer and meditation. Daily spiritual devotions are important, because they help increase spiritual growth with God. Daily devotions help keep people on a schedule. People always say that, “I’m too busy. I don’t have time.” Well, when we get into a long-term habit, it sticks. Take time out of your busy schedule. Pick a time out of the day. Set a timer. Then begin your daily devotion.

It’s My Testimony: A Devotional Journal for Women by Women is a collage of essays written by thirty different women. In the book, there are daily devotions that the readers can read. It’s a way to get you started on your daily devotion habit with Jesus Christ. The one devotional you need for that one rough day you are going through is just a page turn away. Keep reading and let God’s word, through these devotionals, touch you.

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