What's Your Testimony?

Testimonies are people’s stories that they tell to others. In church, these testimonies focus on the story of a person’s journey to Jesus Christ and how he changed their life. Essentially testimonies are personal salvation experiences. Testimonies can be told in multiple ways. You can voice your testimony through public speaking. You can write down your testimony on a sheet of paper and have others read it. You can sing your testimony through a song. No matter which way you share your testimony, it will bring a powerful message to others. Your personal testimony is an example of how God changes people’s lives.

People want to listen to stories that they can relate to. Knowing that other people have dealt with the same conflicts and have come out of it with the help of God can help inspire others. Testimonies also relate to people’s actions, both past and present. Many people struggle with some sort of addiction such as food, drug, alcohol, or porn addiction. People always are watching people who profess faith to see what you will do when tempted. If you show weakness and fall in the trap of the devil, then people will deem your faith is weak. But if they see you turn away from these addictions, then they want to know how you did it. They want to have the same strength and faith you have.

It’s My Testimony: A Devotional Journal for Women by Women is a book which focuses on thirty-one women’s testimonies. Each woman has faced difficult times in their lives. We all have difficult times in our lives. But these ladies have pushed through and made it with the help of God. If you are interested in reading some inspirational testimonies, then you might want to read this book.

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