Raised in Church but What Would Jesus Do?

Some of us have been raised in faith. But how many Christians follow what Jesus told us to do? Do we love our neighbors as ourselves? And who are our neighbors? We have all heard of the good Samaritan. Where the stranger was the one who helped the man in distress. Have you ever heard the phrase, “What would Jesus do (WWJD)”? This phrase often makes us rethink what to do in certain situations. If you come across a hostile person, you may often think WWJD. How would Jesus deal with the situation? He would be calm and kindly talk to the person. We should all strive to be like Jesus and show our faith through our actions.

There are people in this world that grew up in church. Their parents were either Christians, Catholics, Baptists, or another religious denomination. Their grandparents might have been a part of a religious denomination as well. Religion can be passed down from generation to generation. Pews Research Center did a survey on why adults decide to attend or not attend a religious service. The top two reasons why adults attend religious services are to become closer to God and so that way their children will have a moral foundation. In short, people go to church to increase each generation’s relationship with God and to have a moral foundation.

The book called It’s My Testimony: A Devotional Journal for Women by Women includes thirty-one essays. These essays show each women’s faith in God and gives their testimony. It is their faith in God that shaped these women into who they are today. Buy the book and read all about these faithful women.

Sources: “Why Americans Go (and Don’t Go) to Religious Services.” Pew Research Center, 1 Aug. 2018, Accessed 17 Jan. 2020.

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