How to Start a Daily Devotion: Step By Step

You might be asking yourself what exactly is a daily devotion and how can I get started? Well, a daily devotional entry is a passage from a devotional book or other form of reading that people read daily. An example of an entry in a daily devotional is a reading from scripture and an analysis of it. Sometimes it can even contain the testimony of the writer. Adhering to daily devotions helps strengthen your relationship with God through thought and reflection. There are a few things that a person should do to begin a daily devotion.

1. Pick a devotional reading

2. Find a good time to read

3. Choose a nice and quiet spot to read

4. Pay close attention and focus on the reading

5. Set a schedule for each day

Daily devotions should also include daily prayer and reflection. These are some ways to increase spiritual growth. Now, it does take a lot of dedication to keep up with daily devotions. But the fact that it strengthens our relationship with God should be enough motivation to keep the reader on track.

It’s My Testimony: A Devotional Journal for Women by Women is a collage of essays written by thirty different women. In the book, there are daily devotions that readers can contemplate. Start your day off with a devotional and before you know it, you will find that your outlook on life will brighten. Memorize a few words from the devotional scripture and when you start to stumble or feel down, remember those words. It may just help you through the day with joy in your heart.

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