Filthy Rich

When we think of the term “wealthiness,” we may often have the idea in our minds of being rich while having piles of money in the bank. Wealthiness can mean having that brand new red sports car or buying anything that you want in the store. But wealthiness can mean more than having thousands or millions of dollars to spend. How can a poor person be richer than a millionaire? According to Michelle Kwan, “If you have nothing in life but a good friend, you’re rich.”

It may sound crazy, but giving our money away can actually make us wealthier. Tithes can actually make us wealthier with God. A tithe is the 10% of our income that we give to the church. The tithes help pay the pastor’s salary, church electricity, and more. Giving up money for a good cause can improve our wealth. We can be wealthy in our faith and journey with God. Being his hands and doing his work causes us unbridled joy. It gives us a sense of peace, knowing that we are helping others. As we achieve great peace and joy, our wealth grows as well. Unfortunately, we come to situations in our lives where we’re not always in a happy place. Sometimes we may have to go through hardships in order for our faith to be wealthy.

In the book called It’s My Testimony: A Devotional Journal for Women by Women, Janet Williams talks about “growing wealthier through suffering, trials, tribulations, persecutions, and afflictions” (p. 15). It’s the miseries of this world that we need to overcome with our faith in God. If we do that, then our faith and wealth will grow. The thirty-one women from the book talk about many of the hardships that they have faced in their lives. They end their devotions by talking about how their hardships have increased their faith in God. If you want to get a start on increasing your faith and wealth with God, then you should take a read of this book.

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