A Devotional Journal for Women by Women

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About the Project

It’s My Testimony:  A Devotional Journal for Women by Women is a compilation of essays from thirty women from all walks of life, cultures, and creeds.  It is complete with journal prompts for each day to help you grow closer to God in your daily walk.  It is a thirty-one day devotional complete with a scripture, an essay, a closing prayer and journal prompts for each day.  Beloved, use it as a guide as you navigate the next thirty-one days whether you already have a close walk or are looking to deepen your relationship with God.  Be blessed and glean inspiration from this collection of writings.  May what you learn here allow you to be a blessing to others in your circle and the greater community.  See below to see a gallery of the contributors and their bios.

We all have a testimony about how God has undergirded the difficult seasons, promised extraordinary blessings, and just been there for us through the tough times. I hope reading these pages is a blessing to you and that you too can think back to how God has seen you through. Take the time to journal using the journal prompts provided, as I have found that for me writing brings daily inspiration from above.

About the Authors

Ursurla Williams is a child of God, wife, and mother of two amazing kids who lives in Houston, TX.  She enjoys using her spiritual gift of encouragement to help people live their best life.  Her dream job is to travel around the world trying the different variations of BarBQue and writing about it.

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